Wedding Dress Features That Highlight Your Assets – The Neckline

Wedding Dress Features That Highlight Your Assets – The Neckline

Once you’ve chosen the basic shape for your gown, it’s time to think about the features and embellishments that will make it perfect for you, including your neckline, backlines, sleeves, trains and colour.

Your Neckline

Your neckline is an integral part of your gown, with options and ranging from simple and demure to sexy and plunging.

A well-constructed neckline frames your face and can be used to highlight lovely shoulders and a long, delicate neck. Alternately a neckline that is poorly constructed can result in gaping and puckering which may not be visible from the front.

Straight Across

The straight-across neckline is simple and elegant, and doesn’t call attention to your top half. It can be used for most gown shapes, but is particularly suited to the simple sheath outline.


This is one of the most popular necklines with the dip in the centre ranging from a slight rounding to a deeper cleavage display. Most gowns can easily be altered to create a sweetheart neckline.


V-necks are often used in conjunction with halter-neck designs, which is great for the fuller busted bride who needs to wear a bra. As this is going to show your cleavage, ensure you have sufficient (or borrowed!) cleavage to pull it off.


Off-the-shoulder gowns drape across the torso, sit on the upper part of the arm and are often referred to as the “Audrey Hepburn look”. This is a lovely style that is at once demure but sexy, as it showcases lovely long necks and frames your face


This elegant neckline can be cut high or quite low. If cut high, it works particularly well with lace fabrics which soften the severity of the cut. High necklines should be avoided by big-busted brides, as they give the appearance of too much fabric on the upper half of the body.

Boat neck

Sometimes also referred to as bateau, the boat neck is a simple cut spanning across the upper torso below the collar bone. This cut should be avoided if you have broad shoulders, as it will highlight them. This style is very flattering on big-busted brides as it softly enhances the horizontal lines of the gown.

Shawl or Scoop neckline

This feminine neckline can be similar to a boat neck but has a slight to medium fold of fabric at the neckline. The fabric used should always be soft enough to fold naturally, which looks fabulous on big-busted brides. Be careful that the gown does not gape. To avoid this, use double-sided tape on the sides but not on the centre of the gown, as this will ruin the soft draping effect.

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