The Australian Bride – Jenny Punch featured in Tiara Magazine

The Australian Bride – Jenny Punch featured in Tiara Magazine

The Australian Bride

The issues faced by brides in Australia are pretty much universal and perhaps very similar to the European bride. Once the perfect man has been selected it is about choosing the gown, the venue and bridal party.

Globally, over the last 20 years the median age for brides in western cultures has increased steadily and for Australian brides now stands at 27.9 v’s the UK bride at 28.9. Although both countries have experience an an increase on civil ceremonies, Australia has experienced a very strong trend, with 70% of marriages now being conducted in a variety of venues including the beach, garden or reception centres.

Alas, one of the things that all brides have in common, is the lack of control over is the weather. Our issues however vary considerable from the Welsh brides. Whereas a European brides concerns may be dreading a day that is cold, wet and windy. Ours would be dreading a day that is hot, dry and still!

Like our European counterpart the most popular season for weddings is spring and summer, when one can look forward to blue skies and sunny days. Unfortunately, the Australian version of summer can occasionally be extreme. Our variety of summer can often mean temperatures over 100, with all the disadvantages that it can bring.

One of the main problems of extreme hot weather is your makeup tends to evaporate (read melt), hair drops and tempers fray. Worldwide there is nothing worse than droopy, cranky bride with no makeup.

Photographers also struggle with the harshness of an overly sunny day, in that the glare can be unflattering and severe, which oddly enough can be overcome by the use of flash. Most photographers will think ahead and ensure that their brides are well hydrated and attempt to get the back into the air-conditioning as quickly as possible.

Lace has been very popular for the last few seasons and it appears it will stay on trend for a few more seasons to come. The advantages of lace for the Australian bride is that is lighter to wear and tends to breathe more readily than heavy silks and satin. Low backs with keyhole and illusion detailing has also been popular.

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