Winter Wedding Dress Ideas

Winter Wedding Dress Ideas

Have you ever thought about having your wedding in the season of winter?

Winter is not all rain and bad weather. Some of the most beautiful days are during the colder months, where everything is crisp and fresh. With all the leaves falling from trees and the softness of autumn still in the air, what better time to bask in the beauty of a beautiful wedding gown.

Winter gives you an opportunity to be more lush with your gown and fabric. The use of duchess satin and heavier laces are popular for colder temperatures, and integrating capped sleeves or long sleeves will allow for an even more elegant look.

And, if you ever wanted to look like a princess, winter is the time of year you can truly achieve the full gown and all the trimmings. Think accessories – fur wraps or cropped jackets; designer boleros with long silk gloves. Styled headbands, or flower crowns can allow a winter wedding a spring touch.

Still need convincing?

Why not check out our Winter Wedding Dress Ideas board on Pinterest for further inspiration.