What body shape are you when it comes to wedding dresses?

What body shape are you when it comes to wedding dresses?

It is the question as old as time – what body shape am I?

Well here are the shape definitions, and examples of these body shapes when it comes to wedding dress shopping.

You will note that the women I use to exemplify the following body shapes are well-known models, actresses and celebrities – whom we would normally hold up as having the perfect shape.

The fact that they have different body shapes shows that they are far from perfect; however, they have learned how to dress to accentuate their positive elements, while downplaying any not-so-perfects bits.

The Hourglass 

This is usually held up as the “ideal” womanly shape, and is characterised as your shoulders and hips being approximately the same size with a well-defined waist being less than 70% of the other measurements.

Well-known Hourglass: Elizabeth Taylor’s tiny 50cm waist was often enhanced to accentuate her lovely figure.

The Full Hourglass 

The full hourglass has the proportions of a classic hourglass but is usually more full-figured, often under 160 centimetres tall and frequently full-breasted.

Well-known Full Hourglass: Marilyn Munro was a voluptuous size 14 but her proportions were still those of a typical hourglass.

The Pear Shape 

The pear-shaped figure has a slightly-defined high waist and her hip measurement is at least 20% larger than the bust

Well-known Pear: Beyoncé usually dresses to show off her lovely rounded booty.

The Apple Shape 

The traditional apple tends to be thick around the waist, and blessed with a well-developed bust and bottom. Apples are often fortunate to have trim legs, well-defined arms and narrow shoulders. The overall shape, as the name suggests, is round.

Well-known Apple: Kate Winslet has little waist definition so tends to accentuate her breast area with deep V necklines.

The Rectangle (or Boyish) 

The usual description of this body type is you have little or no definition, in that your shoulders and hips are about equal but with little or no waist. Often this body shape is tall and is combined with slim arms and long legs.

Well-known Rectangle: Princess Diana, as she gained more confidence was a poster girl for the Rectangle shape.

The Brick 

The classic brick has a similar silhouette to the rectangle in that there is little definition between bust, waist and hips, but bricks tend to have broad shoulders and can have thick thighs and calves. The brick will usually carry any excess weight evenly distributed, except for a bottom that will always remain flat.

Well-known Brick: Dame Judi Dench combines her great posture along with very feminine styles to bring balance to her shape.

The Inverted Triangle 

The inverted triangle is epitomised by the shoulders being at least 20% larger than the hips with little definition for the waist. The hips and bottom are usually flat, not rounded like the hourglass or apple. You will be blessed with long slim legs.

Well-known Inverted Triangle: Elle MacPherson. She often wears detail on her lower half to give balance to her broad shoulders.

The Rounded Inverted Triangle 

This body shape has the same shoulder to hip ratio as the inverted triangle, but differs in that the shoulders and bottom are more rounded and there is more waist definition. Whereas the inverted triangle usually has long, slim legs the rounded version usually has plumper thighs and shorter leg lines.

Well-known Inverted Triangle: Naomi Campbell is a softer version of the inverted triangle but uses the same principles to give balance to her shape.

The Skittle 

The skittle and the pear are similar in that they both a have hip measurement larger than breast with a defined waist. The difference is the skittle holds the weight higher on the body, rather than the low-slung pear. The skittle’s thighs and calves will be rounded, with short to average legs, and any excess weight will usually be carried on the lower torso.

Well-known Inverted Triangle: Meryl Streep often uses detailing at the neckline to give a sense of balance.

Stay tuned for our next post – What style of wedding gown best fits your body shape – in the coming weeks.

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