The top 8 fun & unique ways to arrive at your wedding

The top 8 fun & unique ways to arrive at your wedding

We have all seen brides arriving at their weddings in the prestige car, a limousine, and even on a horse and carriage. But what if you are looking at arriving in a unique or different way? What other options are there?

Of course it all depends on the style of wedding you’re having and the location but if you are looking for a way to arrive at your wedding in style and with a bit of flair, then here are our top 8 suggestions to get you thinking

1. Vintage Kombi Vans

Nothing says laidback and relaxed like a vintage Kombi van. Perfect for the beach wedding, surfing fanatics or vintage inspired couples arriving in a pristine vintage Kombi will have your guests in awe.

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Photography by Local Images

2. London Double Decker Bus

We love this idea! An authentic, vintage, red London double decker bus. Plenty of space for ferrying around the entire wedding party, and even more character. You could even use it as a mode of transport for your guests.

This is a great option for a bride and groom who may have met in London, lived in London, or even if you’re marrying an Englishman… or woman!



3. Vintage Tram

Staying with the vintage and character theme, why not arrive at your wedding in a replica tram. No need for tram tracks as this one has been ‘renovated’ for use on the road. The tram adds a whimsical element or a bit of San Francisco charm.



Photography by Annette Brooker of Flashback Photography

4. Tractor and Trailer

This would be perfect for a country wedding or a wedding on a farm. Such a great way to transport your guests or the bridal party around, adding some fun and authenticity to a rustic country or rural setting. How lovely to be able to sit back and enjoy the view!


5. Super Yacht

This is a super sexy sports yacht. Perfect for a harbourside or waterfront wedding. Just imagine rolling up in this. Think French Riviera, Cristal champagne, or Cannes Film Festival. Or better yet – George Clooney-esc! Super classy and very Sydney.


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Image source – Messing About in Boats

6. Hummer

It is hard to go past a hummer for a bit of bling on your wedding day! So much space, a fridge full of drinks, music pumping and party lights to get you in the mood for dancing at the reception!


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7. Fire Engine

Who wouldn’t want to turn up in this Fire Engine at their wedding. What an entrance! Who says you need to be grown up on your wedding day?


Image and available for hire from The Hire Engine

8. Sled Dogs

It is just too hard to resist the beautiful faces of a sled dog. If you’re getting married in the snow of the high country in Victoria or the mountains of New South Wales, or better yet at an overseas destination in winter, this is a beautifully unique way of getting to the wedding. How many people arrive by sled to their wedding?



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Image credit: Studio Kiva

So if you’re game enough or you really want to add that extra element of personality and character to your wedding, think about rolling up to the ceremony in a fire truck, fabulous sports yacht or even on a sled.

Good luck deciding!

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