Should I wear white on my wedding day?

Should I wear white on my wedding day?

We have been taught to believe that white is the symbolic colour of purity, virginity and the colour to wear for our first wedding… When in fact blue is the colour that represents these socially moral idealisms.

It wasn’t until the era of Queen Victoria, who wed Prince Albert in 1840, did such a thing as a white wedding dress exist. Prior to this time, brides would wear an array of colour which would often simply be their Sunday best.

Thankfully, the modern day bride has unlimited options. No longer is the wearing of a wedding dress in a colour other than white seen as a ‘strange’ thing to do. These days there is an amazing range of gorgeous wedding dresses in all styles and colours.

Many people also take into account season, weather or theme. Spring is popular for pastels, summer allows you to experiment with bold colours, autumn is suited to ivories and vintage tones whilst winter is crisp whites, green and blue hues.

And that is even before you look at the lighter tones. Forget 50 Shades Of Grey, it is all about the 200 plus shades of white. Stark White, Bright White, Champagne White, Ivory, Candlelight, Ecru, Beyond White, I could go on…

If you are thinking about choosing one of these shades of ‘white’, how do you know where to start? Well, we have put together a brief complexion and colour matching guide to help find the right shade for you:

Fair Skin

Best matched with Ivory or yellow-toned gowns – Eggshell
Steer clear of Stark Whites!

Medium Skin (tans easily without burning)

Best matched with a dress of creamier undertones – Pearl, Ivory

Olive Skin (Medium with yellow undertones)

Best matched with white or pink-undertones – Champagne

Dark Skin

Best matched with bright whites! Well pretty much anything will suit those with a darker skin

Steer clear of yellow-toned gowns so they don’t wash you out in photos

With 85% of all brides in Australia still opting for a shade of tradition in their choice of gown colour, there certainly is a lot to take into account and consider.

Though, that is enough of making your head spin. In the end, you should embrace who you are and wear what suits you the best. As a bride on your special day, you will be the centre of attention no matter what colour you choose to wear.

If it all becomes a bit too daunting you can enlist the help of a colour consultant to help you choose the right shade for you. And with that in mind, as your friendly bridal boutique, we are experienced in which is the perfect hue to suit your complexion and make your eyes sparkle.

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