Our Top 10 Tips for Brides and Grooms in 2016

Our Top 10 Tips for Brides and Grooms in 2016

Each year we compile a list of hints and tips gathered from our brides and designers to help our brides to be for the year ahead.

Here are our top tips from 2015

  1. Budget for everything.

When making a budget be sure to include everything from the grooms/groomsmen’s outfits, and accommodation on wedding night to your rings, gifts for your wedding party, and transport from the reception to the honeymoon suite. Once you have the full budget – add a 10% buffer as some items tend to be priced higher than expected.

  1. Communicate openly with your families as to who is paying.

At the time of making a budget do make sure that everyone knows what they are paying for. Do not assume that the parents of the bride are in a position to help with all the expenses, your groom’s family may want to cover some costs, or you and your partner may be paying for it all. Ensure that your bridesmaids and groomsmen know what expenses they are expected to pay for including gowns or suits, jewellery, make up and hair.

  1. Choose your bridesmaids/groomsmen well.

They are there to help you not cause you grief. That being said, many brides have been disappointed by a lack of support from their attendants but have forgotten to communicate what was expected of them. Allow them to back out gracefully if they feel they cannot commit to what is required.

  1. When you start shopping for your gown – do it with intent.

Some of our brides reported that if they had a long engagement they would merely peruse the bridal boutiques without any intention of buying. As a result of trying on so many gowns, some reported that the joy and spontaneity was missing when they started shopping seriously.

  1. Do not micromanage your suppliers.

Get everything in writing, get a timeline as to when to expect the next phase of the order, and let them do their magic. Our designers explained that they always offer a time period as to when their gowns are expected to arrive into Vision In White. Our job is to monitor this, and then to call you the minute it arrives into our shop, and then plan your next fitting appointment.

  1. When you choose a theme, carry it through the whole wedding.

Not just the colour scheme, but also the look and the feel – for example vintage or modern. We have had some brides report that they overlooked the impact of table settings, bouquets and lighting on the overall theme and wished they had paid more attention to those details.

  1. Plan time for your DIY jobs.

If you are making your bonbonnieres/invitations/table decorations – make them well before hand. Too many brides are up the night before trying to complete them, when the night before your wedding should be about relaxation and enjoying the moment.

  1. Leave a day to recuperate before heading off on your honeymoon.

Particularly if you are heading overseas, our brides suggested having a day or two to relax and do some final packing before flying out.

  1. Remember to brief your photographer about the shots that are important to you.

You will be too busy on the day to remember to organise the troops for a family photo or a happy snap with your best friends. Make sure you explain what you do and don’t want in your package, and then let the photographer be the one to herd the troops for you.

  1. Don’t forget about Mum.

Remember to include transport for mum to the ceremony with you and your dad, and also an usher to greet her upon arrival at the ceremony spot to take her to her seat before you make your entrance.

Wishing love and happiness to all of our 2016 Bride and Grooms for the joyous year ahead!

From the team at Vision In White Bridal.