Modern Wedding: Tattoos and how to conceal them

Modern Wedding: Tattoos and how to conceal them

tattoos and the modern wedding

Tattoos and how to conceal them is a common problem with our modern brides. It is surprising, the number of brides who need to hide them because their families (and in some cases even their fiancee), does not know they exist. Imagine finding out about a full body tattoo on your wedding night!

Should the tattoo be there to stay, and you want to spare the pain and expense of laser removal, then there are very limited options as to how we can cover them up.

1. Theatrical makeup as a cover up.

We advise brides, just like with your face makeup, to test out your desired look first in a trial run. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to practise the application of the theatrical makeup, just in case it does not achieve the outcome you were after. It would also be a good idea to wear a light coloured top immediately after applying the cover up, to see if any makeup wears off, as this could also happen to your bridal gown on the day.

2. Using the wedding dress

Depending on where the tattoo is, the use fabric or lace cleverly placed atop the physical local is ideal for a wedding day tattoo coverup. Over the years, Vision In White bridal has been able to employ many surreptitious means to this end. With a good seamstress on your team, you do not need to worry that the gown you fall in love with will expose your little secret on your big day. Let your stylist know at the time you are choosing a gown, but don’t let it restrict you. A little ink will not stop you from wearing the dress of your dreams.

3. Invest in custom made features

Unsure whether you will be able to find the dress of your dreams? Then perhaps to ensure your dress covers your tattoo, and looks exactly how you want, you may need some custom made accessories. When your stylist is aware of the area that needs consideration, she will be able to suggest ways to cover the area without risking the integrity of your beautiful gown. Sometimes the answer comes in the form a sleeves or a light bolero made of the same fabric as the gown with a well placed appliqué just where it is needed.

4. Let your tattoo shine

If you love your body art, and feel it is an expression of who you are inside and out – then make sure you incorporate this into your design. Your stylist is there to help you make your gown perfect, for you, on your wedding day.

Vision In White Big Tip

No matter what your dream wedding dress looks like in your mind, make sure you relate this to your stylist, so that they can create a beautiful confident bride in a wedding dress that makes them shine.