How to plan for a winter wedding

How to plan for a winter wedding

Needless to say it is freezing outside! With the cold weather upon us it gets you thinking of current and future brides and grooms who are planning a winter affair.

These days it’s all about taking the term ‘white wedding’ to a new level & embracing the whimsical wonders winter has to offer. You could go all out and plan your wedding at the snow, but maybe that is going too far…

Thankfully as we have a more tropical weather pattern in Australia, there is less chance of rain during the winter months. Though, many factors do come into play when holding a wedding during the cooler months.

It is important to keep warm from head to toe, so here are a few ideas for you to consider.

Did someone say accessories?

Think outside the box when purchasing your accessories. Chapel and Cathedral style veils are exceptionally long and will help insulate body heat.

Add some sultry charm and a sense of romance by incorporating long vintage sleeves or a smaller capped sleeve / bolero style bodice into your gown.

Knitted lace Boho style gloves to help keep hands free of the chilly air.

Faux fur wraps are a gorgeous statement piece that you can buy from the Vision In White bridal team. They even come in a range of colours!

Hand muffs are also a great alternative, and a lot of fun.

Vision In White Bridal faux fur wrap

Vision In White Bridal faux fur wrap


Why you should have a winter wedding

Not only is it about your outfit in regards to staying warm on your wedding day but also in choosing the right venue to house your winter wonderland. Many couples shy away from a winter wedding but these cooler months have a lot to offer.

A good idea is to consider holding the ceremony and reception in the one venue. The advantage of this is that you allow your guests to stay warm and cosy between ceremony and reception formalities.

Not only is winter easier to find the location you dream of, but it can also create a more cost effect event. That will definitely make your bank balance happy!

Cloudy and overcast skies are great for the perfect photographs. No squinting and shading from the glare of the sun. No overheating for anyone in their suits. No sweating, or ruining of makeup.

Flowers last longer in the crisp, cool air so your bouquets and centrepieces will stay looking beautiful all the way through your wedding day.

Still not convinced? Why not check out our Winter Wedding Dress Ideas post. Our dresses are sure to get you excited!

So now that we have outlined all the reason why you could have your wedding in the cooler months of the year, we would love to hear your story about a winter wedding.