When is the right time to go on your honeymoon?

When is the right time to go on your honeymoon?

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Part of the fun to planning your wedding is the knowledge that at the end of the party, you can take a well-earned break to relax and recuperate before heading back to reality.

We have come a long way from when a ‘honeymoon’ was merely when a groom would kidnap his bride, and go into hiding from her family for a full moon cycle, and live on mead – a combination of honey and water. Hence the term honeymoon.

So how long after the wedding should you plan to ‘run away’ with your newly wedded partner?


1. Immediately following your reception.

In the past, family and guests would often see off the bride & groom at the end of the wedding reception. The couple would jump into a waiting car and head off into the sunset on the way to the airport. Or as an alternative, they would spend their first night as a married couple in a hotel room, before flying out to their honeymoon destination the next morning.

Whilst this seems to be very common in Hollywood movies, the practicality of this could be a difficult one to pull off. Booking a trip for the day following a wedding could cause unnecessary stress to get everything prepared before the wedding.

Though, if the plan is to have a long pre-wedding celebration, where relatives are spending time with the couple before the nuptials, heading off on a honeymoon the day after the wedding celebration may be the solution needed.


2. Once the dust settles

Allowing a few days post wedding, to be able to enjoy a proper conversation with friends and family, could be a great way to unwind before heading to the airport. Being able to say goodbye to relatives who have travelled to the wedding from a long distance away, is sure to be greatly appreciated.

The extra time between wedding and honeymoon, is a great time to pack, so that the wedding day takes precedence over smaller matters such as needing to buy a new toothbrush for the trip.


3. A few months later

Some brides and grooms find it difficult to be able to take such a long period of time off from work. This could especially be hard if they are running their own business, or they don’t have the annual leave accrued at the time of the wedding.

Others like to have something else to look forward to later on in the year. As well as allowing more time to save some additional money after paying for the wedding.

Just remember, no matter what you decide, the best decision is what works for you.


Our Vision In White Big Tip

Make sure you arrange to dry clean you wedding dress professionally following your wedding day, so that it can stay as a keepsake for years to come. If you are unsure of a reputable cleaner, your friendly Vision In White stylists can help you with contact details.

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