Gift ideas for Christmas

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Gift ideas for Christmas

For a number of our brides, this year may be the first Christmas as a prospective daughter in law. For some brides, the thought of choosing the perfect gift, particularly for their new mother in law, can be daunting.

Often the new daughter in law wants to impress, but at the same time remember to be sensitive to other members of the family. This is no time to gain the reputation of a show off! To help with your decision we have put together some helpful hints from our past brides.

1. Keep it simple

A simple first step is to perhaps ask the question “what would you like for Christmas”. The down side of this is that you may feel pressured into buying something out of your price range or out of your area of expertise. For example, if the reply is “a nice perfume” or “tickets to a play” , these suggestions are not much help if you are unsure of her taste in either.

2. Put yourself in their shoes.

That being said, do take into consideration the likes and taste of your new relatives. You may love the thought of a day spa and massage whereas some people could think of nothing worse. Your new sister in law may be able to help in this area, and may be pleased that you have sought their advice. They may also be able to give some guidance on how much their family tends to spend.

Have a think about what interests your new MIL has. A voucher, although a very practical and thoughtful gift, can sometimes be construed as too generic and impersonal. That being said, some mothers would be impressed with your practicality. The secret is to know your new mum.

3. Think outside the  box

For an avid cook, a cooking course or a subscription to Gourmet Traveller might be a perfect combination of thoughtfulness and practicality. If she is planning a trip, consider a personalised leather passport holder or a travel diary. A keen gardener may like a book on gardening but you need to know what sort of garden book would be of interest. A book on tropical plants, although lovely, would have no relevance to a gardener who enjoys an English garden design.

Most mothers delight in spending time with their family – a few other suggestions have been a day pass to the zoo, a day out in China Town complete with a yum cha lunch, or a walking ghost tour of the rocks. A good place to find new and interesting adventures is the “whats on” section of the weekend newspapers or local websites offering events.

We would love to hear from you on what worked and what didn’t as a gift!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Vision In White.