Fake tan do’s and dont’s

Fake tan do’s and dont’s

Every bride wants to look their best on their big day. As weddings are generally in full swing from spring, the natural tan has not had a chance to develop. Not wanting to look washed out by the light shades of their wedding dress, a lot of brides opt for a fake tan.


There are a few options out there, which allow you to get a fabulous tan without the risk of damage to your skin. It is always very important to listen to the expert advice and not take short cuts in whatever option you decide to choose.

Whether you take the option of a DIY technique, sun bed, spray booth, tanning lotions or old fashioned sunbathing; it would be wise to remember there are risks – especially harmful UV rays – or horror stories of tans gone wrong. And you do not want your name to add to this list


The Do’s Of Tanning

1. Exfoliate

Scrub your skin well to remove any of the dead skin cells so that your tan takes hold and gives an even look. Preparing your skin will also allow the tan to hold for longer.

2. Shave

Or wax prior to you appointment. Ideally not on the same day as your skin may still be raw and will affect the look of your tan. If you shave after your spray tan, you will remove the tan in that area and result in a patchy look.

3. Clothing

Wear loose fitting clothing, including no jewelry or rings. Doing so will help the tan to set and will reduce any rubbing or streaking after the application.

4. Care

It is a good idea to keep moisturised after a spray tan is applied to help the colouring look as natural as possible and maintain longevity.
The Don’ts Of Tanning

1. Apply

Do not wear deodorant, moisturiser or makeup on the day of application as they can interfere with colourants, cause streaking and stop the tan from applying evenly.

2. Wash

Do not wash immediately following your spray tan as your skin needs a few hours to absorb the colour. Your beautician will tell you when to shower, or you can usually find directions on any home-style products packaging.

3. Exercise

Steer clear of anything that might make you sweat. This will play havoc with the look of your tan, and the result could end up not looking natural at all.

The spray tan technology has improved with more experienced technicians out there to answer any questions or concerns you may have. They can also assist in which tint or depth best suits your complexion and skin tone.

A tan can add confidence for your wedding day, as it helps even out any skin blemishes. Though a good tip is to coincide your tan trial with a makeup trial so that you can prepare for your final look on the day.

At Vision In White, we highly recommend taking the time to trial your tan, so that you can perfect the look before your big day, and to avoid the risk of a photography disaster.

Build your colour up gradually, and as expertly recommended for your skin type, so that you look healthy and natural on the day of your wedding.

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