Emergency Kit for your Wedding Day

Emergency Kit for your Wedding Day

These items are a must for emergency situations that may arise throughout your wedding day. It’s a great little first aid kit that one of your bridesmaids can carry.

  • Water – keep hydrated
  • Needle & thread of both light and dark cotton
  • Safety pins
  • Clear nail polish for runs in panty hose and chipped nails
  • Super glue for loose crystals on your gown or tiara
  • Baby wipes for cleaning up most spots or marks
  • Band aids for small cuts & abrasions
  • Hair pins for minor hair repairs
  • Lipstick & perfume touch-ups
  • Emergency cleaning on the go.

Soda water is great for red wine and most alcoholic liquids. Pour it on liberally as soon as spill occurs. A liberal smattering of table salt also helps in mopping up the excess.

Salt is also great for absorbing oil based liquids like salad dressing. Place white tissue paper on the outside of stain and salt on the side of the stain. Use white cloth to mop up excess oil. If a clean cloth is not handy – white bread can be used as a substitute

Methylated Spirits is great for pen or ink marks – use with cotton tips and work from outside in.

Baby wipes are a must for most small stains including lipstick & mascara.