How to create DIY centrepieces for your wedding day.

How to create DIY centrepieces for your wedding day.

DIY weddings are trending high at the moment, and your choice of wedding decorations plays a large role in setting the scene of your reception. It helps create atmosphere and gives you as a couple, a chance to add your special touch to the day.

As a key visual element, centrepieces compliment and tie in all facets of your theme at the wedding reception. When your guests take their seats they will immediately notice the styling, linen, table settings, key colourings, but most of the the table centrepiece.

Though how do you create a beautiful effect without breaking your budget? If you are not Martha Stewart it can certainly feel overwhelming. Creating beautiful memorable centrepieces doesn’t have to pull on your purse strings, or create endless anxiety. Just think of DIY as your friend!

Here are some simple DIY tips to creating the perfect table decorations for your wedding day.


Have you decided on your wedding style or theme? Your bridal gown, ceremony and reception locations should be a guide as to how to style your decorations. Have you trended with the vintage/boho feel, or gone a more modern traditional. Once you know what your style is for the day then the rest is easy.


The internet is the world at your fingertips, with many ‘how to’ guides and inspirational sites this next part is the most fun. Jump onto Pinterest and search for ‘vintage wedding table decorations’. It is that simple. Suddenly you will have a mountain of ideas at your finger tips. Let your imagination run wild and get your creative juices flowing. Though be careful not to over commit yourself to this task. Shortlist the ideas that you know you can achieve. otherwise you will be causing yourself stress you don’t need.

Image: Pinterest -

Image: Pinterest –


Set a limit as to how much you want to spend on your decor. Then work out, by the number of tables, how many settings you will require. This will help you decide on which of the amazing styling ideas you have shortlisted will actually be affordable. Once you have worked out your budget and how many tables you are needing to cater for, its time to hit the shops.


Do not despair at the sound of this, we don’t mean high end designers. Think thrift stores, op shops, garage sales, eBay, Etsy, (and even your nan’s place) will have most of what are looking for. Whether it is rustic, beach, glam or simple styles you are wanting – vases, glass jars, bottles, tins, plates, cups and saucers, and even old buckets and baskets, can be repurposed to create simple yet stylish centrepieces.


Now it is time to call on your friends & family to help put your decorations together. Get together a group of people to help you bring that DIY element to your big day. You will find that having a production line will enable you to get things done faster and without the drama.

Ideas for style

Rustic or vintage style weddings are great for DIY. Using glass jars, vases decorated with burlap, jute, lace, twine and twigs always give such a whimsical effect. Incorporate natural elements and fibres such as wood, bark and single stemmed flowers of your choice to soften the look. Hanging vases, terrariums, vintage birdcages or the classic bunches of baby’s breathe in an old tin pail can create the most romantic touch.

Image: Pinterest - Kat Stanley Photography

Image: Pinterest – Kat Stanley Photography

Beach or coastal style weddings are all about being minimal, but eye catching. You can add creative flair by using lush greenery, succulents (a booming trend), shells, sand, starfish, coral or driftwood tied with twine. Hurricane vases or lanterns with candles are a great beach- decor. Luminaries add lighting effect, ambience and a touch of elegance.

Traditional or modern receptions can certainly still be DIY without losing that glamour feel. Think high end with mirrors, glass, diamond touches, decorative stones, crystals, beading and feathers. Be inspired by colour and experiment with seasonal foliage, florals and even fruit to add an impact to the table.


Image: Pinterest –

Key factors to remember when considering DIY centrepieces is that they are not essential but help add to the overall look of your wedding.We recommended using a cluster design for your look, and think about choosing an odd number of items when setting out your materials. Use a variety of shapes, sizes, heights and also textures.

Avoid large oversized objects as they may distract the view, and most importantly make it difficult for your guests to converse across the table. Add your own flair and create a unique statement piece that will keep your guests talking about it for years to come.

Still stuck for ideas?

Check out our Vision In White Bridal Pinterest board on DIY Centrepieces