Creating The Perfect Wedding Gown Silhouette

Creating The Perfect Wedding Gown Silhouette

As you’ve probably realised, certain gown shapes & lengths lend themselves to certain body shapes.

For example, some years ago here at Vision in White had a young bride bring in a picture of a very sleek sheath gown that was her dream dress.

The gown was indeed beautiful and the size-six model was air brushed to perfection. However, the bride in question was a healthy size 18, 152 centimetres tall, with large hips and a small bust – definitely that of a pear-shaped body. 

The sheath gown would have emphasised her hips and thighs, and highlighted her small bust, and done nothing to bring symmetry to her physique.

In consultation with our bride we analysed what she specifically liked about the gown. The result of our discussion was that she was able to decipher that she…

a) loved the fabric (tick),

b) she loved the neckline (tick),

c) she loved the backline (tick) and

d) the puddle train (tick).

Our sales consultant Joan, noted that she had a classic pear shaped figure combined with a beautiful posture and flawless skin.

The result was that Joan suggested an empire gown with impeccable lines combined with the features that she loved about her dream gown as outlined above.

As you can see, by getting very clear on your favourite parts of any gown you like, you can not only have a stunning, fashionable look, but one that flatters your beautiful body.

While very few women fall exclusively into a single category, and those of us who do often have little idiosyncrasies that are unique to us, getting clear on basic body shapes, and what suits them, is a great place to start. Then you simply tailor the results to suit you.

So what is your body shape?

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