7 things you should know about bridal gown shopping

7 things you should know about bridal gown shopping

1. Timing.

Most designers or boutiques require approximately 6-8 months from the time you order your gown to the delivery date. If you factor in another month for alterations to be completed a minimum of a year out from the wedding is perfect.

Alternatively, some brides will start looking 2+ years out, which is also fine, but without any intention of ordering a gown. The downside of this is that you can develop “bridal gown fatigue” which is where all wedding dresses start to look the same, and you become jaded. Or equally tragic when you return later to order the gown, it has been discontinued.

If for some reason you only have a short number of weeks to choose a gown – do not despair! Most bridal boutiques often have a very reasonable selection of gowns that can be bought off the rack and are often available at a reduced cost. 10401398_800043836681369_2322132771964117183_n

2. Who to bring with you to your appointments.

We all know how exciting it is to have your entire bridal party, your mums, and even aunts with you as you search for the perfect gown. Though unfortunately, what usually happens is that the day becomes more about their needs – whether it is to a search for a bathroom, their next coffee, or which dress you should try on next.

Your consultant will be trying to focus on your needs and what you envision for your gown. It is a decision that needs total concentration on your part, and the more relaxed and focused you can be, the better the outcome. We recommend asking no more than 2 friends or family members to your appointments in order to really enjoy the experience. This time should definitely be all about you!


3. Limit your appointments to a maximum of 3 on any given day.

When booking your wedding gown shopping appointments it would be a good idea to keep in mind that most commonly these appointments will take approximately 60-90 minutes per store, and each stop may involve trying on approximately 5-6 dresses.

As you can imagine after the first dozen dresses confusion can set in. So limiting the number of stores in a day can help you to focus on a shortlist of your favourites. Attending too many appointments in a day can also overwhelm even the calmest bride.


4. When you have found your perfect bridal gown – order it.

You will know when it feels right and often it is the first gown you try on. If you still love it the second time you put it on – it is definitely the one. Place your order and book your follow up fitting appointments.

But remember to be courteous to the other bridal stores and cancel your other appointments.


5. Remember to eat.

One of the most important things you can do is to ensure that you have a good breakfast prior to commencing your wedding gown shopping experience. Remember to keep well hydrated throughout the day, and make time to stop for a light lunch between appointments.

You want to be feeling your best on the day keep your mood and spirits in the right frame of mind.


6. Don’t be modest.

Remember you will need the bridal assistant or consultant to help you dress and also change into each gown. This is no time to be shy or try to cover up when you remember you are wearing minimal underwear or your Bridget Jones knickers. Believe me they have seen it all before!

We advise on wearing white or ivory colour underwear on the day so it does not distract from any of the gowns. Also, if you have long hair wear it up for the day so you can fully appreciate the neckline or other features of the gown.


7. You get what you pay for.

Visiting bridal boutiques to find a dress that suits your figure, and then buying a cheap fake on the Internet is a recipe for disaster. This was more common a few years ago, and most brides have heard enough horror stories to avoid the trap.

Even with designer gowns there are subtle differences that will make a gown look stunning on one bride and average on another. This is the one time where dealing with a professional consultant is the difference between looking amazing and ending up with a dress that is definitely not a one in a million.

Designer Wedding Gowns

Designer Wedding Gowns


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